To satisfy your craving for a Jacka, you can order by filling out the contact form. You can either donate a Jacka from your own wardrobe or you can ask us to buy one for you. Next, we will create a design for your Jacka based on your wishes and ideas. We will never fully copy something and we always make sure that the design is in line with our style. When contacting us, we need the following information:

  • Are you donating your own jacket? If so, tell us whether you are delivering it at our studio or sending it by mail, shipping costs are at your expense.
  • Do we need to buy one for you? If so, tell us your size and other preferences.
  • Do you have any wishes or ideas for the design? If so, please tell us or upload a picture.
  • Personal (contact)information.

On the basis of your request we will arrange a price. The minimum prices are:

  • Design on your own jacket
    • €90,-
  • Design on a jacket we bought
    • Vintage Levi’s jacket average price of: €45,-
    • New Levi’s jacket average price of: €100,-

Please note that we get a lot of orders, therefore there is a waiting list. We will respond as soon as possible on your order and provide you the necessary information. 

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De Clercqstraat 78, Amsterdam

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