Jack showcases at events to demonstrate live action painting. Visitors can immediately see how we design and paint the drawings on the denim. At an ad hoc agreed rate we will come to your event, where we can do different things:

  • We can paint small designs on jackets of visitors. Those will be drawings that are easy to create in a short time, for a low price per design.
  • We can paint a few jackets at the event, which can be sold or raffled. It depends on your preferences or the kind of event.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for further information, prices and questions.

Past events

Glamour Concept Store Shopping Night

Live action painting + raffle 16.06.2016

Jim Beam Double Oak Launch Event

Live action painting + raffle 09.06.2016

Levi’s® Tailor Shop Festival Tour

Live action painting at Buitenwesten, Welcome to the Future & We Can Dance